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The Tennessee Dental Association is committed to offering CE courses grounded in a sound scientific basis that allow dentists and dental team members the opportunity to maintain and upgrade the skills, knowledge, technological insight and competence required for delivery of optimal dental health care and to guard against CE that might promote clinical or technical recommendations that have been proven to be ineffective or harmful.

Our online continuing education courses allow you to obtain CERP approved credit hours on your own schedule, as time permits, at a very reasonable price. These courses are also approved by the Tennessee Board of Dentistry.

Courses from the Journal of the TDA start at $15.00 each. The chemical dependency course from the TDA Newsletter starts at $25.00.

Disclaimer: Participants must always be aware of the hazards of using limited knowledge in integrating new techniques or procedures into their practice. Only sound evidence-based dentistry should be used in patient therapy.

The Tennessee Dental Association is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider.

ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing dental education. ADA CERP does not approve or endorse individual courses or instructors, nor does it imply acceptance of credit hours by the boards of dentistry. Concerns or complaints about a CE provider may be directed to the provider or to ADA CERP at www.ada.org/cerp


Select the desired continuing education course from the "Online Course listing. Complete and submit the exam questions. If you correctly answer 75% or more of the exam questions you will be requested to submit payment via MasterCard or Visa. Once your payment has been processed you will be responsible for printing your "Verification/Certification Form.

Credit to a participant will be granted only once for each course. Credit may not apply toward license renewal in all licensing jurisdictions. It is the responsibility of each participant to verify the CE requirements of his/her licensing or regulatory agency.

All courses are offered with a 100% money-back guarantee. You may request and will receive a refund at any time prior to the issuance of your verification/certificate. Once a verification/certificate has been issued to a participant, refunds are not available.

Online Course Listing (each course exam, with a passing grade of 75% or more) will receive 1 hour of CE credit

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Retrieval of a Dental Implant Healing Abutment with a Stripped Driver Recess A Clinical Technique- Exam 91  View  09/22/2017 

Lithium Disilicate Versatility for Veneers Crown and Implant Restoration A Clinical Report- Exam 90  View  09/22/2017 

Priorities of Salivary Diagnostics in Clinical Practice- Exam 89  View  09/22/2017 

Prosthetic Management of a Patient with Palatal and Nasal Osteocartilaginous Framework Defect A Clinical Report- Exam 88  View  09/22/2017 

Conservative Repair of a Fractured Porcelain-Metal Prosthesis A Case Report- Exam 87  View  09/22/2017 

Diabetes Mellitus A Short Review for Practitioners- Exam 86  View  09/21/2017 

2017 Chemical Dependency - Prescription Writing   View  09/08/2017 

A Novel Protocol to Evaluate Hard and Soft Tissue Relationships in Three Dimensions without the Use of Additional Radiographic Studies - Exam 85  View  04/04/2017 

Tennessee Dental Establishments 2007-2012 Economic Survey - Exam 84  View  04/04/2017 

Provisional Replacement of Anterior Teeth A Review of Clinical Techniques and Case Report in a Dental School Training Experience - Exam 83  View  04/04/2017 

We May Have Done Something Right Composite Restorations at the College of Dentistry University of Tennessee Health Science Center - Exam 82  View  04/04/2017 

Comparison of Laser Versus Rotary Instrumentation A Case Study - Exam 81  View  04/04/2017 

Antibiotic Therapy in the Treatment of Odontogenic Infections An Evolving Landscape - Exam 80  View  04/04/2017 

What is Missing for Stem Cell-Based Therapies in Dentistry - Exam 79  View  04/04/2017 

Treatment for Recurrent Odontogenic Keratocysts - Exam 74  View  09/20/2016 

Concurrence of Gemination and Fusion in Maxillary Central Incisors A Case Report - Exam 75  View  09/20/2016 

Teaching of Fixed Prosthodontics A Paradigm Shift - Exam 76  View  09/20/2016 

Introduction to Clinical Practice in Dentistry Transitioning from Pre-clinical to Clinical Student Doctors at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Dentistry - Exam 77  View  09/20/2016 

Step-by-Step Resin Bonding of Ceramic Veneers in the Anterior Maxilla A Case Report - Exam 78  View  09/19/2016 

2016 Chemical Dependency - Proper Prescribing of Opioids  View  08/25/2016 

Determination and Correlation of Depth of Cure of a New Composite Resin Delivery System - Exam 73  View  02/11/2016 

Non-Orthodontic Non-Restorative Closure of Acquired Diastemata - Exam 72  View  02/11/2016 

Technological Innovations in the Restorative Department at the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry - Exam 71  View  02/11/2016 

Pediatricians and the Oral Health Needs of Children One Potential Means for Reducing Oral Healthcare Inequities - Exam 70  View  02/11/2016 

Surgical Prosthodontics-A Shift in Patient Treatment at the University of Tennessee Graduate Prosthodontic Program -Case Report- Exam 69  View  02/11/2016 

Regression of Calcium Channel Blocker - Induced Gingival Enlargement in the Absence of Periodontal Therapy - Exam 68  View  02/11/2016 

2015 Chemical Dependency - Controlled Substance Prescribing  View  10/05/2015 

Changes in the Clinical Training of Dental Students at the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry - Exam 67 - NEW - Spring Summer 2015  View  08/21/2015 

Seeking to Understand the Reader of Interest - Your Patient - Health Literacy and Adherence Concerns for the Dentist and the Dental Medical Team - Exam 66 - NEW - Spring Summer 2015  View  08/21/2015 

Combination PRDP A Case Report of a Hybrid Flexible and Traditional Partial Removable Dental Prosthesis - Exam 65 - NEW - Spring Summer 2015  View  08/21/2015 

Oral Complications of Cancer Therapy A Summary Guide for the Clinician - Exam 64 - NEW - Spring Summer 2015  View  08/21/2015 

Amelogenesis Imperfecta Facial Esthetics and Snap-On Smile - Exam 63 - NEW - Spring Summer 2015  View  08/21/2015 

A Simplified Approach to Implant Restorations - Exam 62  View  03/16/2015 

Management of Traumatic Tooth Injuries - Exam 61  View  03/16/2015 

Plaque Reduction in School Children - Exam 60  View  03/16/2015 

The Role of Health Behavior in Preventing Dental Caries - Exam 59  View  03/16/2015 

Alveolar Ridge Augmentation with Autogenous Mental Block - Exam 58  View  03/16/2015 

2014 Chemical Dependency - A Protocol for Dentists With Patients Who May be Suffering from Chemical Dependency - September 2014 TDA Newsletter  View  09/09/2014 

The Crisis of Women and At-Risk Populations Needing Dental Care in Tennessee Challenges and Engagement Efforts - Exam 57 - Spring Summer 2014  View  07/23/2014 

Efficacy of Philips Sonicare AirFloss Compared to Manual Brushing and Flossing An In Vitro Study - Exam 56 - Spring Summer 2014  View  07/23/2014 

Does Fluoride Gel Foam Application Time Affect Enamel Demineralization - Exam 55 - Spring Summer 2014  View  07/23/2014 

Comparative Evaluation of Root Surface Morphology After Planing and Root Conditioning with Tetracycline Hydrochloride - An In Vitro SEM Study - Exam 54 - Spring Summer 2014  View  07/23/2014 

Deletion Syndrome 22q13 What the Dentist Should Know to Manage Children with Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Effectively - Exam 53 - Spring Summer 2014  View  07/23/2014